3 Pigs 3.0 Deluxe Limited Edition

Now with a break away stand for easier packing

Finally after years of pleas from magicians world wide you can get this Kids Favorite in a quality never before available. This trick has been off the market for years because of the time and effort to make it available to magicians. Now being made like no other product available except through JAMSTONE Magic. Made in Heavy Cardstock laminated with vinyl and a super micro pebble satin clear plastic that creates an incredible

finish. The cards will not fingerprint and can be washed with a damp cloth but they are basically smudge proof.

This Deluxe Set comes with a specially designed 2 piece easels to display the Pig Cards and the Brick House that vanishes one of the pigs and produces the Wolf in the pot. The entire effect displays beautifully as the hilarious routine is presented. The routine is full of laughs, puns, audience participation, and is adaptable to run from 5 minutes but can easily pack 10 minutes or more of solid entertainment. Made to last a lifetime and destined to be a part of any collectors treasures. Manufactured here in the USA by a magician for magicians and in a very limited quantity. Order yours now.  $195