JamStone Magic's Comedy Prediction Boards

A great prop that comes in various themes. A volunteer choses one of five cards from the stand, that matches characters on a board and magical puck. After freely chosing the card without letting the performer see the choice, the volunteer places the card in the hand of the stand. The puck on the board magical moves around the board landing on one of the characters on the the board. The cards at the bottom of the stand are reveal showing them not to be the choice of the magical puck.  Finaly the voulenteer's chosen card is revealed to be the one that maches the pucks predcition.

We curently off three variations ( Zoo Animals, Magical Rabbits and Spooky Monsters) with more to come in the future. Each Comes with it's own comedy patter. Another great magical prop from JamStone Magic.

$100 Plus Shipping