Cookie Chase inspired by the book

"If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"

The kids will scream with delight as they see the cookie go from the oven to the cookie jar only to disapear . They watch it roll form the oven to the cookie jar and back, yet when the doors are alternately opened by the performer-it isn't there!  Where could ti have gone oh I think the mouse got it.

Easy to perform! Cookies are a large circle 4" the prop it self is 15" X 7" crafted from durable PVC. A great kid show staple trick now with more laghs as the mouse keeps poping up to get the cookie. Perfect for telling the "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" story.


*Note we are in no way associated with the book “If You give A Mouse A Cookie” or it's author. I do recommend it as it is a really cute story. You can find it here Or at your favorite book story or library.