Zeb The ZOMBIE 2.0!!!!!

Ready to invade your next magic show. Perfect for your Halloween Shows but Fun all year long!

The latest product from JamStone Magic is sure to have all the kids in your audience screaming with excitement.

This colorful and comical lookingZombie gets you into the latest craze of the Zombie world with all the fun of the classic Forgetful Freddy.

He stands 15 inches tall and is bold and visible in front of even large audiences. This unique prop also comes with a custom tombstone box used to display and vanish Zeb’s Head! No more bulges in a devil’s napkin!

He will be the hit of your show as children try to help Forgetful Zeb get his head back using a balloon and some magic. Poor Zeb always keeps his head buried at night because he snores so bad he wakes up all the other Zombies but sadly he forgets to put it on one day and that’s where the fun starts! Our new Forgetful Zombie uses a new easy and quick balloon

attachment device that is invisible! Works better than any method used before so no more fumbling trying to attach the balloon to the prop. Made with ½ inch materials to be sturdy and lightweight and the artwork by our own graphics genius, Roy Stone, is Amazing!

Don’t let your show DIE of boredom bring Zeb The Zombie to your next performance!

Priced affordably at $205.00