Wrabbit Wringer

A great live stock production/vanish. The box is show empy, the front is show with wringer rollers. The front is attached to the box, magician proceeds to talk about how he wants to make arabit appear. He pulls a flatted rabbit silk from his top hat and explains he has developed a better way to travel with his rabbit. He deflates it. All he needs to do now is re inflate the little fellow. after a bit of funny busines he finaly rolls it in to the wringer, he opens the lid and produces a fully alive and unharmed bunny.

Size  12"X11"X 10" with a front size of 12"X13" Bright vibrant colors, large 5"x10" load capacity, silk rabbit, a great livestock production/vanish for any show. Built to last.

Because Jamstone Magic products are built by hand, one at a time the graphic design is completly customizable.

$375 plus shipping.