A Vibrantly decorated Square tube is lifted to show a tall, clear plastic tube on, a black base, filled with 3 colored balls- Red Green Yellow, about 3″ in diameter, and a large box with swinging doors at its front and rear.  The balls are removed, the Square tube placed back over the clear tube – the three balls are place one after the other into the tubes, RED then YELLOW the GREEN. The Square tube is removed to show that the RED ball is now at the bottom having switched places with the GREEN ball. For a climax, this misbehaving red ball is placed in the box, both doors are opened, you see through the box, the ball has vanished from the box and appears back in the plastic tube on top in its proper place.

This is very colorful, well made of sturdy materials and it’s beautiful graphics are sure to catch the eye of any audience.

Three colorful designs to chose from or have a custom version made to suit you and your show style.