The Great Houdini

Stand Alone Edition

What name comes to mind when I ask who was the greatest magician of all time? For most people it will be Harry Houdini. Houdini is famous for magic and even more for his escapes.

It was mid-winter in Detroit, Michigan and the river had frozen over. Harry was chained, wrists, feet and waist as he was placed head first into a small wooden crate. Once nailed closed, the crate in which Harry was in, was then dropped unceremoniously into the freezing water. As the minutes continued to rack up without any sign of Houdini’s re-appearance. Has the greatest magician of all time met his doom? Has our hero finally found that one trap from which he could not escape? Is this the end? Tune in tomorrow same bat time same bat channel….

Made to last a lifetime and destined to be a part of any collectors treasures. Manufactured here in the USA by a magician for magicians and in a very limited quantity. Order yours now.  $125

Not Just a door version